“I never knew what grand really was…

(taken september 14, 2005 – the first time I had seen it)

…until I saw the canyon. It’s a perspective that pulls the busy human engine of desires to a quiet halt. Taking the long view across that vermillion abyss attenuates humanity to quieter internal rhythms, the spirit of ice ages, and we look, we gasp, and it seems there is a chance we might be small enough not to matter. That the things we want are not the end of the world. I have needed this view lately…” From Barbara Kingsolver “Small Wonder”



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4 responses to ““I never knew what grand really was…

  1. Curve

    I can only imagine how spectacular it is in person.

  2. It truly is… spectacular! I am also struggling to lose some weight, but I am not young like you. 😛 Still, we can do it!! 😀 Would you like me to link to your site?

  3. Gorgeous photo! Hard to really picture the Grand Canyon correctly until you’ve seen it, isn’t it?