Do my students read this blog?

Well, I had one clue today. A father of one of my students asked me if I ever read blogs. And he asked me if I read any good ones. He carefully wrote down the addresses to hoarded ordinaries and urban semiotic. (HI DAVID!! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TALK TO ME IN CAPS? :mrgreen:) So, I have been carefully printing on all of my student’s violin study sheets (discreetly at the bottom). And I just wonder, do they visit? And it has changed the way I approach posting on this blog. I tend to treat it more seriously.

So on a lighter note, here is the LucyCam! Yes, now you too can enjoy the blessings of Lucy’s presence without leaving the comfort of your own computer. I look over and there she is. Click on the link, and you can look over and see her too! I need to have a comment section on that page… (I wonder how on earth to do that!) Hmmm…. Can you just comment here?

Lucy does leave the room while I teach. She doesn’t enjoy the overtones of the violin and double-stops drive her crazy. The piano doesn’t bother her, but she leaves the room while I teach. My students think it’s funny. Sometimes she complains about the overtones too and they laugh.

Hi students! (waving) Did you listen to your CD today?? (The ever-bugging teacher)

OH hey – something funny happened during a lesson today. One of my students superglued his shoulder rest together, so when I tried to put it on his violin, it fell apart and I got superglue all over my hands! I felt like the butt of a really funny practical joke (and although I was reassured that that was not the case, I still have my doubts). So I had to clean off the superglue with fingernail polish remover and a good 5 minutes of lesson time were *blam* obliterated. I wonder what clever time wasting scheme will be cooked up for next week…

OK jokesters. Back at it.



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12 responses to “Do my students read this blog?

  1. Very cool, Suzanne! Thanks for letting me know about that parent who heard of my blog! Wowser!

    I YELL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! :mrgreen:

    Hey, can you change your Blogroll link to me here to be instead of my blog? My blog is mainly for testing and not really meant to be read. 🙂


  2. P.S. —

    You should set up a LucyCam “Page” — that way people can have a quick and easy way to always find her. 🙂

  3. I LOVE YOU TOO DAVID :mrgreen:

    OK, I’ve changed the link and filed you under “friends”

    Also, I’ve made a little Lucy Cam page. Good idea!

    Any more ideas for me?

  4. I love being a friend, thanks!

    The Lucy Cam is delightful! What great fun! She moved since the last time I visited! 🙂

    I think you look great here so far. You are really taking advantage of all the keen features!

  5. Oh, here’s one thing — is Lucy always in the chair? If so, can you get in tighter on the chair so we can see her better? Right now we see too much of the room and not enough Lucy!

  6. Hi David,
    The way it works is that my desk is across the room from her. The camera simply sits on the corner of my desk. If I had a zoom lens I could zoom in on her, otherwise the camera would have to be in the middle of the floor.

    She has moved to a spot in the sun so i just pointed the camera at her. Check her out. The sun spot is so intense you can’t really see her face, I could correct that…

    She spends 85% of her time in the chair except when we are on walks or when I’m teaching. When I’m teaching, you can see me sitting on the piano bench playing the violin (I have wondered whether to paws (hee) the camera during that time. I just left it going yesterday which made me very conscious of my violin psoture while teaching, a good thing!) Lucy leaves while I teach because the overtones bother her sensitive ears.

  7. I need to go take the truck to the shop. I’m still listening to Fiona! I just put the camera on a chair closer to Lucy and I’ll be back after walking home from the shop. It was fun talking with you this morning. Thanks! :mrgreen:

  8. Good luck with the truck!

    I appreciate getting closer to her — now you’ve created the “I Love Lucy Cam!” 😉

  9. heh– I was going ask whether you call her a la Desi Arnaz– “Luuuucy!”

    I’m usually not one for webcams, but I found myself watching Lucy Cam for most of the morning because she’s seems so sweet-looking. She seems like an adorable dog!

  10. Yoko: Awww … thanks! She is adorable… and sometimes I do say, “Luuuuucy you’ve got some ‘splainin to do when I get home!” 😉 (Like why she left her brown chair when I went to get the truck fixed!)

    Mostly we just call her the Lusterator. She’s got character. I’m glad you are enjoying the I love Lucy Cam Yoko!

    David: Thanks – the truck should be fine. We have a lifetime warranty on the brakes and they just fixed the brakes two weeks ago so it should be covered. Something got all screwed up and it was making a horrible noise 😦
    I took what I hope are some good photos on the way home, so I’ll try posting them here and see how they look… Can’t get that Fiona Apple song out of my mind… I think I’ll listen to it again :mrgreen:

  11. Thanks Kuncen, what language is your blog in so i can translate it and read it! I’m dying to know….