Fall Colors

Walking home from getting the truck fixed today, I found this tree all decked out in fall colors! We have a family get-together up the canyon this weekend and I’m hoping to see more colors like this at the higher altitude. I heard the colors have already peaked at the tops of the mountains. It’s really starting to feel very autumnish here in the valley and I like it.

I also took pictures of our friendly neighborhood Schmidt’s Bakery.

bakeryI really love this place. Now that I’m on a diet, I don’t go there any more, but it still appeals to me. It’s such a small town type of place. The nice lady there said, “May I help you?” as soon as I walked in. I said, “I would just like to take some pictures…” She just laughed and let me go to it. Aren’t you proud of me for not ordering one of those Cute Halloween Cookies or a Napoleon pastry to go? Yeah yeah, I’ve tasted them before. I don’t need to taste them again. They hold no power over me. I left unscathed and I am happily still on my diecookiest πŸ˜› (wearing a pair of one size smaller jeans today thanks)

Other than that I’m having fun with the “I Love Lucy Cam”Β  (She is snoring in her chair right now) and listening to Fiona Apple singing Extraordinary Machine

“But I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time…”



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7 responses to “Fall Colors

  1. The hspace and vspace are cool, but somehow if the image is on the left, the hspace doesn’t work in Firefox…

  2. The aslignment isn’t perfect, but it still looks really good! Love the photos.

    Does it bother you I visit the “I Love Lucy Cam” page more than your main page now? :mrgreen: I still think you could get a little tighter on the chair. We want to see more of that beautiful face!

    I have that Fiona song looped here — or is it looped only in my head? πŸ˜†

  3. (… still laughing) I guess I could try moving her chair closer to the camera… Hang on. Is that better?

    Loopy head.. πŸ˜›

    Fiona is great, I’ve just submitted my full review for your perusal. Then I went to check out Ben Folds Five site (to see if my comment was valid) and saw a great video of his Strings rehearsal.

    Ok, so I’ll go change the name to the I Love Lucy Cam Page… (how do you do the laughing face?)

  4. Loved the Fiona review!


    Yeah! Change the name of the Page to “I Love Lucy Cam” and I bet you get tons of pure curiosity hits!

  5. Wow! That’s fantastic!

    Wearing a size smaller in jeans…..

    Congratulations and keep keeping it off.


  6. Thanks Marie! Keep keeping it off is the whole trick, plus I’d like to lose a bit more…