Last night, when I picked Mr. Bear up from work, he told me that he had felt sick all day long. I told him he should stay home on Sunday to get well and he said, “No, I’m going fishing at 6:00 in the morning.”

So he’s gone fishin’. Such is the life of the serious fisherman. Picnic

Our picnic up in the canyon went well yesterday. It rained just a little, but that made it all the better to stay by the warm fire. My new family has a very different approach to eating together than my original family. I’m used to a more formal picnic where everyone sits down at the table at the same time and eats together. Then when it’s time for dessert, everyone is served at the same time. My new family is far more casual. It’s catch as catch can. “Here are the hotdogs, here is the potato salad, here are the marshmallows, here’s the peach cobbler. Go to it.” People eat standing up. People eat at different times in different orders. Juju caught a fish while I was eating. It’s fun that way. More interesting. People just do as they please. That’s sort of the theme song of my new family. I like it.


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