So, Mom and I have made a decision about where we will stay in Rome next April (because I mentioned maybe we should book our rooms soon…) I had made this site a while back for her to peruse (beware of the music) …

So we have been sending emails back and forth about getting our act together about this trip. It’s in 6 months!

So for our first stop in Rome, we have decided to stay at a place called Hotel Lancelot. It is rated #31 of 927 hotels in Rome on trip advisor and on it has a five star rating (although it’s a three star hotel) with 82 reviews. It’s listed in Rick Steves. They speak English, it has a lift, and the rooms have nice terraces. It is located quite near the Colosseum. They have a car to come pick us up at the airport which is good because the airport is apparently a very confusing place and pickpockets abound.

The plan is that we go to the hotel, drop off our bags, and then go sightseeing. Then have dinner at the hotel, then the next morning, put our bags in storage at the hotel and sight see some more, then have a taxi go to get our bags and take us to the train station to get on a train to go to Turin for the Suzuki World Convention. We arrive the night of the 11th, classes begin on the 12th. We’re staying in a very nice hotel in Turin. Then we go to Milan on Sunday to meet up with my Dad and Sister to do the rest of our whirlwind tour. We don’t have that part all figured out yet, but we’ll just do it one reservation at a time.



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  1. Hey! That looks like my room! Hmmm…