5 things meme

 From Yoko

 My set of fives…

5 minutes ago: I was talking on the phone to a student’s father about our various group classes and activities for the month (Halloween Play In and Harry Potter Super Activity).

5 hours ago: I was sleeping and dreaming.

5 days ago: I was teaching the two girls down the street who practice every day!

5 months ago: I was creating the daily newsletter for the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute & I wrote this page and Yoko introduced herself to me!

5 years ago: I had just attended Art Week at Roger Fuller’s ranch in Springdale with Anna. My Grandmother had had a stroke while I was gone and she was in a coma. I rushed back. Then my Grandfather had a stroke. Eventually she and my Grandfather both passed away within four hours of each other. They had been married for 69 years. I documented the whole thing in a little book that is sitting here on my lap. It is far to personal for me to put here.


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