I have Schradiek on the brain this morning. It won’t stop. Schradiek is a repetitive form of left hand Pilates that two of my students are doing (Thursdays and Fridays). It’s great for forming the frame of the hand and controlling fast notes. Also intonation. Maybe I should ask my Monday star student to do it too.

tree I’ve just taken Lucy for a walk. We saw this gorgeous tree. She’s having a hard time today, whining and complaining because Bear isn’t home. She was sitting in her chair earlier, but now she’s hiding under the computer desk. This is just what she does when she feels unsafe. She’s been like this ever since we lost Victor. She has severe separation anxiety. I once took her to the Vet because it was so bad. She shakes and whines. It’s horrible. I try to spoil her a bit when she gets this way. I take her for walks and rides and give her treats. Has anyone else had this kind of experience with a dog? What did you do?



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  1. LY

    Suzanne, I know this is an old post, but if you are still having trouble with Lucy’s separation anxiety you might try reading Cesar Milan’s book
    “Cesar’s Way.” By giving her treats and things when she’s scared like that, you’re actually reinforcing her fear and behavior. What she needs is your calm and assertive leadership. When she knows you’re in control, she’ll feel safe. I just read the book and it had some great ideas. I need to stop spoiling my dog, that’s for sure! Now the key is to get my husband to stop spoiling her….

  2. That’s a good idea. Actually we’ve isolated the problem and now we just calmly tell her that everything is going to be alright and she has stopped all of that shaking and weirdness. Thanks for the book info – I’ll definitely look into it!