Blogging blogging everywhere and not a thought to link.

I’ve redone the layout of another site of mine but daresn’t link yet until I get the OK from the site I “borrowed” the design from… It isn’t an elaborate design, but she might have qualms. I’ve written her email.  And I did change it quite a bit.

My students come in 30 minutes. I’m prepared.

Mr. Bear has gone fishing and will be back a bit before my show starts.

I’ve added an entry to the Art Bridge.

I’m not feeling very in tune today.



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  1. “Feeling in tune”, yes I know that feeling myself. Isn’t amazing the emotional connection one establishes through playing an instrument. The absolute zen of the moment where the notes become an extention of your own soul.

  2. Yep, that’s a great feeling…

    One of my students was exactly “in tune” yesterday. It was gorgeous!

  3. Always a good thing!