GENUINE is talking about winning the 350 million dollar lottery. He asked about 5 things people would do with the money (after donating to charities etc.).

Here was my answer:

5 things to do with 350 million dollars

  1. Pay off our house, my parent’s house, my in-laws’ houses and buy my sister a house in Paris (where she lives) and set them all up for life.
  2. Buy a house out in the middle of the Uinita Mountains with lots of gorgeous land for us (my husband would be soooo happy!)
  3. Get a plane and learn to fly it so I could commute to the city to teach Suzuki violin lessons (Or just pay others to fly it – but it would be fun to fly it myself too).
  4. Help develop my sister’s website project la passerelle. And buy art from her site…
  5. Buy a Stradivarius Violin and play chamber music with my friends (buy them their choice of instruments too)…Buy chamber music scores.

So what would you do? 5 things you would do with 350 million dollars assuming you have already donated a lot of the money to your favorite charities and you’ve invested well so it won’t go away…



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2 responses to “Wishes…

  1. 1. Spend as much money as would be necessary to take my children on a trip around South America, including the Andes, the Cape, the Amazon, and everything in between — SAFELY. 🙂 Might take a lot of money.

    2. Buy a nice big house with a music room and a giant gorgeous spectacular piano to put in it.

    3. Found a school and recruit suitable teachers with irresistible salaries. Send my children there.

    4. Buy an established but floundering small press and have fun choosing and promoting books.

    5. Buy a 45 foot sailboat and get my husband to sail us around the world for a year or two. 🙂 🙂