My students…

…are absolutely gorgeous. I am so blessed!!! One of them is getting ready for a graduation recital and she is so prepared! She raced through two of the most difficult pieces today at a breakneck pace, so there is just that little problem, but she is really ready for this! The recital is on the 30th, so now she can just polish and polish everything for the next 11 days.

Another one who is a new student is just advancing like crazy. I have very high standards and he just keeps upping his game. Plus, this is what I love; he has an ability to feel the music as he plays and he moves and enjoys it so much. He smiles about music and he really means it. We’re both music geeks that way so it’s cool to teach a student who feels the way I do about music…

(I should qualify that and say that I have been becoming a bit of a curmudgeon in my old”er” age. The upcoming performances of the Nutcracker for literally the 500th time have been wearing away at my enthusiasm. Seeing this student’s shining face and radiant attitude about the beauty of music keeps me in touch with that reason I began to play in the first place.)

I love to teach.



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2 responses to “My students…

  1. HA! When I toured with Les Misérables I wanted to jump off a tall building!

  2. I can imagine! What do you play?