taxi, pumpkins and flock

taxi and pumpkins I saw this when I went to the marketplace to get the materials to make my new three year old student’s box violin. It looked interesting to me; I liked the colors.

Students were great today – once again! Way to go guys!

In other news, Sarahintampa is reminding me that flock is here, (right when I get firefox to where I want it) so maybe it’s time for me to download a new browser and give it a whirl.



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5 responses to “taxi, pumpkins and flock

  1. I shall take a look at flock, although I use safari as my browser normally and don’t particularly want to have to move to another browser (OK then, maybe I’ll do that on the PC, but not on the Mac).

    So flock extensions may be better than full on flock?


  2. Perhaps, but I must confess, I’ve chickened out and flown the coop. The ” Bugs and all, here we go. Sure you can handle it? Don’t say we didn’t warn ya’.” part ruffled my feathers so no flock for me. 😦 Thanks for dropping by though, do come again 🙂

  3. I still think Firefox is better… truly…

  4. Neat photo of the cab and pumpkins. Good eye.

  5. Jeff – I like Firefox too.

    Ahmed – Thanks! Your photos are awesome!