Listen to your CD…er … iPod!

I always remind my students at every lesson to listen to their Suzuki Violin music (right??) Mother Tongue Method means lots of listening.

It started when I was a little girl studying Suzuki Method violin and I listened to the records. The first Suzuki record that I heard was the floppy red kind! Then, as I started to teach students, we listened to tapes. So I would say to my students, “Please listen to your tape!” at the end of every lesson. I made tapes for them. Then the world evolved and everyone changed to CD’s so I had to switch to saying, “Please listen to your CD!” at every lesson. Sometimes I would forget and say “tape”, but now I remember to say “CD” every single time. And I make them personalized CD’s.

At her last lesson, when I asked Freckles if she was listening she told me, “Oh yes. My Mozart is loaded into my iPod.” …and Ale and Vale were talking about getting iPods today in their lesson too (age 7 and 10)…so here we go!

Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.
Christina Baldwin

So what do I make for them now, playlists? Well, as long as they are all listening to their Suzuki Music, I’m happy. :mrgreen:


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