Daily Archives: December 1, 2005

Christmas Crunch and listening

All the students are getting ready for our three Christmas performances. Our first rehearsal is this Saturday and I will be driving one of my students to the rehearsal. In my car right now, I have a CD of the ballet music for the Gala which will be performing that night. We will listen to it on the way. I think it’s good for the students to know that I listen to the music I perform as well. Listening is the best way to study music.

In Nurtured By Love, Dr. Suzuki states:

Listen to the best performers in the world on records. Soon you will improve, playing more and more excellently, until a new, higher level is born. By this time it is no longer technique only but the possession of spirit and heart.

Recently I have been listening to Hilary Hahn. I believe she is one of the best performers in the world.



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