Monthly Archives: March 2006

ki energy

I finally figured out what has been wrong with my tone today! I haven’t been relaxing my hara (tummy) and allowing my ki energy out. As soon as I did that today,*whammo* Big Tone!

Really it was fushigi since it seemed I was using Panda, and arm motion to the string and technically it was all there, but with no Ki (relaxed tummy), it just doesn’t work.

So I’m so happy to have my big tone back! It makes it so much better for demonstrations for students. It makes a clearer model for them to hear and immitate.

Speaking of clear models, a very disturbing thing has happened. My CD of Dr. Suzuki is fading. Or it was. His violin sounds like it is in the background. And it happened on one of my student’s CDs as well. I am ordering a new one right now. I can’t get the original Suzuki recordings from shar music, but I found one at (of all places) amazon.

I wonder why he is fading? Are we not trying hard enough to continue his work?



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