My three-year-old student named Tommy will be arriving in a few minutes.  I’m trying to create fun new games for him to keep violin study exciting.  He has hit a low point lately and we need to get over the plateau.  He has a good bow hold, a good violin hold and can play taka taka stop stop on open E.  He practices trampolines with his fingers and does various rhythm and musical alphabet card games.  He also stands on the little stage and says his “Suzuki Quotes”.  He has so many skills!

I have created a board game for him so that he can throw the dice and move his piece around the board.  Some of the circles are silly things (pull a face), but most of them are things like “Up like a rocket”.  Last week he liked the game.

I plan to help his Mom with Twinkle a little bit today.  Also, if anyone has some more wonderful Pre-Twinkle games, I’m all eyes (ears?)  Thanks 🙂


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