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I love to teach. My student Lily just came back for her first lesson today and she did so well. They had taken a long break since May for personal reasons and I really didn’t know what would happen when her mom called to see if they could come back. She fit right back into the groove, being a good Suzuki student! She was on Bourree by Handel when she left. We spent most of her lesson on Tone (D string rings) and Review. She started with Suzuki Allegro tentatively at first and then gradually stronger. Then Allegretto. Eventaully Hunter’s Chorus. We spent the last five minutes on Bourree.

Her mom asked me about the Suzuki philosophy regarding¬† length of practice and I told her the story about the little girl who practiced 5 minutes. She was on the Suzuki Tour and was an amazing violinist and a gentleman asked her how long she practiced that piece every day. She told him 5 minutes. He was astonished! She didn’t mention that she spent 2 hours every day on all of her review. We practice what we can do well and easily the most and gradually add in the new more difficult material. Ability breeds ability.

I was glad to see Lily today. I’m glad she’s back.


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