Chamber Music Party

Well, I’ve been invited to a Chamber Music Party on New Years Day. It’s been years since I have attended one. I’m chicken to go. Seriously. But I should. I could be second violin – less stress. I used to love to do this. Every Wednesday night we met at a doctor/cellist’s home (Steve) and played until Midnight. It was so fun. But I’m older now. Things have changed. Somehow it just doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be.  But I could try. I don’t know. What do you think??



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3 responses to “Chamber Music Party

  1. If you will be among good people and will be playing good music, then why not?

    If that’s not fun for you, though, then maybe you shouldn’t go.

  2. Well, they are good people, and usually kind of thing is fun for me, but I’ve recently had some very bad experiences performing. It’s strange – I’m fine in lessons or in orchestra but any “solo” type things have been making me freeze up completely! I even tried taking inderol when I performed with my student and it did NOT help! I had to stop for a measure to get my bow in control. I get all shakey and seriously feel like the world is stopping. I can’t move. Thank God I can play in Orchestra and in lessons.

  3. I went through a period like that when I thought I was choking every time I played and couldn’t get a note out. I got past it by imagining I was playing a lesson instead of performing, which eventually worked.

    But it didn’t happen right away, so if you think you’ll get too nervous, maybe just going to the party without playing? or do you think you’d be fine playing 2nd? Tough call.