Little Maya was just here for her lesson.  She is a lovely 5 year old Twinkler who enjoys the violin to the fullest!  Her lessons are never long enough for her.  She has learned how to do up bow and down bow circles (in the air), stirring the pot,  and tick tock (pandas).  She plays the E String Concerto and I’m a Little Monkey.  She can also play an actual Twinkle Variation A – the first 8 notes.  She sight sings with a beautiful voice and claps rhythms from the “I Can Read Music” book.  She has a pretty bow hold and holds her violin all the way up on her shoulder.  Violin lessons with Maya are an adventure.  Time moves very slowly when I am with her.  We always have room for a few more teaching points.  Her Grandfather is a professional violinist and so she is very interested in everything musical.  She is full of wonder!


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