I’ve started working towards a long term goal here and I wanted to blog about it so that I can keep track of how long I will be working towards it.  The first part involves performing Mozart D Major No. 4 with Joachim Cadenza and Unaccompanied Bach Sonata Adagio from G minor and … something else… for a video camera.  Well.  Ah yes.  I have just played through the Mozart and the Bach and plan to do so every day for as long as it takes.  The cadenza is the weakest part at the moment and it needs to be memorized.  The third piece needs to be of contrasting style and so obviously it should be Romantic.  Brahms?  What…  a movement from a Sonata?  Any good help here?  Something not too challenging.  I’m in this for the long haul and it needs to be good.  I’m temped to pick something from the Suzuki Repertoire – it says:

The applicant must perform and complete the required piece or movement as indicated below (Mozart Concerto No. 4 or No. 5 1st movement Joachim Cadenzas) plus two additional pieces or excerpts of pieces from the standard repertoire, at least one of which is outside the Suzuki repertoire.   Selections should represent two different musical periods (other than the period of the required piece).

I think I’ll write to my friend Sharon about it.  She’ll have some good ideas.  I am excited about this quest!!



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2 responses to “Goals

  1. experienceaurie

    i miss musicianship. the rush that you get as you build the process of trying to perfect a piece has few equals.

  2. It’s difficult but fun!