I have just been asked to be the reporter again for the Intermountain Suzuki Strings Institute!  Here are some photographs that I took for it from last year.  Anyway, it means I get to take a Teacher Workshop course for free!  I was thinking about this one:

Cathy Lee (second week)  Topic: Establishing the Standard for Tone in Your Student Through a variety of exercises combined with excerpts found throughout the Suzuki Violin repertoire, the course will cover ways to teach your student to establish and maintain a high expectation of tone in their playing. Violins required. Repertoire to bring include Suzuki Violin Volumes 1-10, Sicilienne by Paradis, Mozart/Kreisler’s Rondo, Mendelssohn Concerto in e minor.

Areas covered by the course will include:
The Preparation and Establishment of the open string sound.
Establishing the basic tone involving left hand placement and contact.
Preparation and application for the expressive, soloistic “Casal’s” tone.
Establishing the awareness and the ability to maintain tone during string crossing.
Establishing the expectations of tone in chords.
Tone production involving trills.
Tone production in spiccato.
Bow exercises.
Group class application of tonalization exercises.

What do you think?


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