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Today I played the Mozart A Major concerto at 96 = quarter and the Cadenza for the first time all from memory. Listening WORKS! I used to know it… now I’m getting to where I know it again. I also received the book “The Magic of Matsumoto” in the mail and it has been highlighted and everything (which makes me happy!) So I have plenty to work on. I can keep working on my paper. My student will be here for her follow up lesson in 5 minutes. I hope it goes well. I am hoping to get 10 minutes of follow up footage from them. Hope I can be “on”.


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Practicing again

Progress on the project – I finally practiced again.  Mr. Bear has gone to the shop and I always do better when he’s gone.  It’s back down to 91 beats per minute from 94 but I haven’t lost that much after 3 days.  I can work it up again.  The cadenza is coming nicely – I have a new better fingering for a descending run.

I also have Adobe Premiere pro now – the question is  can I figure out how to use it?  I worked on it a little this morning trying to redo the 3 minutes clip so that it is uninterrupted.  And I need to work on the paper.  The book for the bibliography is coming in the mail soon. What a process.
I’ve been listening to my CD a lot (since I always tell my students to do that) even when I wasn’t practicing and it is amazing all the little boo boo’s I hear after listening for so long.  I should focus on the beauty of the music and I do, but  it actually encourages me to hear Arthur Grumiaux make little mistakes.  God knows mine will have a ton of them.

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It is proving to be a very useful tool for me to watch these videos and then follow through with the main points in lessons. I really enjoy studying this way! I can’t do it for every student but I’m doing it as often as I can.

I wish I had some good editing software that could change these videos into a dvd that is playable on the dvd player (not windows media player) after I cut them into bite sized pieces. That is frustrtating. I have heard that Final Cut pro is good but it looks like it is only for Apple (alas… I’m a windows girl). Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 looks wonderful too but maybe too high powered for what I need… Does anyone have a suggestion? Shareware or under or around $100? Thanks muchly in advance!

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First 3 minutes of footage

The SAA asks for three minutes of video footage of me working with a child 5 years old or younger. Song of the Wind preview.

Here is my first try:

I’m excited!

The request is for “A segment of 3 consecutive minutes showing a student age 5 or younger studying the first half of Book 1.”

Uh oh. They want consecutive minutes. I wanted to skip to the end and show how she could play it after 10 minutes. Also it important to have the parent in there. It might be OK – the bulk of it at the beginning is more than 2 and a half minutes. Still… Eeek! Maybe time to re-edit. Oh and so then I edited it in Windows movie maker, burned it onto a dvd then went to put that dvd into my dvd player and it wouldn’t work. So maybe I do need better video editing software after all. Any suggestions?

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unusual idea

Since the SAA asks for a performance of either the Mozart D Major or the Mozart A Major, I have an crazy idea.  I’m thinking of writing to the SAA and asking if I can  play Mozart D Major up to the Cadenza….  and then play a separate performance of the Mozart A Major Cadenza.  Sound crazy?  My stand partner liked the idea.  I know the A Major Cadenza much better since I played it often in my youth (somehow I don’t know the Concerto as well)  and I know the D Major Concerto First movement from teaching it many times… the cadenza, not as well.  Right now I sound best on D Major Concerto and A Major Cadenza.  It still fits their rules.  I will write them email and ask them what they think.  What do you think?


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We have the video camera handicam now – on a tripod in the studio with working disks and I am so excited! I can really see this project coming together now! I made videos of some lessons this afternoon and they were good! Not to toot my own horn or anything but they were better than I thought they would be. I can see that if I keep making videos they will get even better and my playing will get better and eventually I will have enough good footage to send in to apply for Teacher Trainer Candidacy. It’s a good thing that I don’t teach 50 students because the amount of time it takes to edit the videos etc. is overwhelming. Not to mention the paper I have to write. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m excited! This is a worthwhile pursuit.

P.S. My husband has been encouraging me to quit wearing so much makeup and Dr. Suzuki also did the same thing.  He used to really get me to not wear so much makeup.  For the videos I only put on a very small teeny tiny amount of blush.  My face looked fine without all the base makeup.  I only thought of it just now – I never once noticed it while watching the lessons.

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Celebration Concert

We’re working on a huge Suzuki Concert here in Utah. Every three years we have a “Celebration Concert”. It involves all of the Suzuki violin students in the entire state. All instruments. This year is our 7th Celebration and it is entitled “Nurtured by Love”. It will be on October 20, 2007. It requires an amazing amount of preparation. We have a Twinkle Variation written for all instruments. We also plan to play Dr. Suzuki’s composition “Wishing”. Each instrument is given 7 minutes to perform. We have Suzuki Organ here which works out really well with the huge organ in the Mormon Conference Center which holds 30,000 people. 3000 students perform. Each family is given 10 tickets to sell. I’m always interested in hearing about other giant Suzuki Concerts being held all around the world. There is always the 51st Annual Grand Concert in Japan on the 28th of March 2007 in the Nippon Budokan.


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