Weighty Breakthough!

I’ve had a huge breakthrough! Ever since I have been married, I have worn my wedding ring on my violin hand. It’s only been 2 years. I purposefully got a smaller ring so that I could wear it on my hand while I played the violin. Mysteriously my 3rd finger trills have become very slow the last few year. And in general things have been slower. As I delved into Bach Adagio this afternoon and I got to the first trill, I was disgusted with the slowness of the trill and decided to take the ring off and put it on the table. (Big decision) The difference is astonishing! It seems simple – gold is a very heavy metal. Even if the ring isn’t bulky, it still weighs down my finger and makes it difficult to flutter it quickly.  But somehow I was obstinate and didn’t want to take it off…  but since it makes such a difference I will from now on!
So now I need to figure out what to do with the ring while I play the violin. It can go in my secret nook in my violin case. I can’t put it on my right hand because it doesn’t fit right. It’s too small. (weird) So now I will always practice, play and teach without my ring. What a break through! I hope I can keep my ring safe.

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7 responses to “Weighty Breakthough!

  1. sammicheng

    I’d taken my custom-made ring out too often until I really LOST it one day. I couldn’t find it no matter where I searched. I’ve not worn a ring for some 6 years already then. Been married 15 years!

  2. hmmm… this is the only thing that worries me right now. I’m sorry you lost your ring!My ring is off right now since I was practicing this morning. It is on my dresser. I plan to always put it in my violin case. I really don’t want to lose it. My husband suggested putting it on a necklace…. (congrats on being married 15 years!)

  3. So far, I haven’t had any problems with my ring while I’m practicing/performing music. I do, however, take off my ring when I’m practicing aikido, as it seems to bother me some when I’m doing rolls on my left side.

  4. Where do you put your ring when you take it off?

    My Aikido Sensei in Japan was very strict and made us take off all of our jewelry. I lost a beautiful gold necklace that my father gave to me from his business trips to the far East. I just left it in the bathroom.

  5. I have a pouch in my gym bag where I put my ring.

    There seems to be an exception to wedding bands in my dojo– some people wear theirs on the mat, some don’t. All other jewelry has to come off, however.

    I didn’t know you had practiced aikido in Japan, too. What was that like?

  6. It was cold!

    No seriously I loved it. It was very interesting trying to learn Aikido in a language I didn’t understand. I had a good friend Andrew who spoke English. Andrew was a black belt so he helped me quite a bit. I loved going to Aikido. I wish I could find a place here where I could study again!

  7. Oh, and I saw one of the Viola players take off her watch just before Ensemble practice started today. 😉 I was half-wondering if I should do the same since I was wearing a watch today – which I rarely do. Probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference for me though. *HAHA*