unusual idea

Since the SAA asks for a performance of either the Mozart D Major or the Mozart A Major, I have an crazy idea.  I’m thinking of writing to the SAA and asking if I can  play Mozart D Major up to the Cadenza….  and then play a separate performance of the Mozart A Major Cadenza.  Sound crazy?  My stand partner liked the idea.  I know the A Major Cadenza much better since I played it often in my youth (somehow I don’t know the Concerto as well)  and I know the D Major Concerto First movement from teaching it many times… the cadenza, not as well.  Right now I sound best on D Major Concerto and A Major Cadenza.  It still fits their rules.  I will write them email and ask them what they think.  What do you think?



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3 responses to “unusual idea

  1. Whose cadenzas are they, by the way?
    Let us know what SAA says….

  2. Hi Yoko – My email has been out so I didn’t get your comment until recently…

    Cadenzas are Joachim.

    SAA hasn’t written back to me but now I am planning on playing the entire A Major. It’s in better shape. So number 5 it is… I’m listening to Arthur Grumiaux. Every day. And I practiced yesterday and today!

  3. Michelle

    Hi from Australia,
    I am hoping to get a copy of a study sheet – Book 4. I am inspired by your ‘system’. I think the study sheet will suit my teaching style.