First 3 minutes of footage

The SAA asks for three minutes of video footage of me working with a child 5 years old or younger. Song of the Wind preview.

Here is my first try:

I’m excited!

The request is for “A segment of 3 consecutive minutes showing a student age 5 or younger studying the first half of Book 1.”

Uh oh. They want consecutive minutes. I wanted to skip to the end and show how she could play it after 10 minutes. Also it important to have the parent in there. It might be OK – the bulk of it at the beginning is more than 2 and a half minutes. Still… Eeek! Maybe time to re-edit. Oh and so then I edited it in Windows movie maker, burned it onto a dvd then went to put that dvd into my dvd player and it wouldn’t work. So maybe I do need better video editing software after all. Any suggestions?


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