Practicing again

Progress on the project – I finally practiced again.  Mr. Bear has gone to the shop and I always do better when he’s gone.  It’s back down to 91 beats per minute from 94 but I haven’t lost that much after 3 days.  I can work it up again.  The cadenza is coming nicely – I have a new better fingering for a descending run.

I also have Adobe Premiere pro now – the question is  can I figure out how to use it?  I worked on it a little this morning trying to redo the 3 minutes clip so that it is uninterrupted.  And I need to work on the paper.  The book for the bibliography is coming in the mail soon. What a process.
I’ve been listening to my CD a lot (since I always tell my students to do that) even when I wasn’t practicing and it is amazing all the little boo boo’s I hear after listening for so long.  I should focus on the beauty of the music and I do, but  it actually encourages me to hear Arthur Grumiaux make little mistakes.  God knows mine will have a ton of them.


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