Well I just practiced for an hour and it felt good. I made a video of some of it. It’s up to 110-112 now. But of course I still need to practice it slowly. It’s always interesting to watch and listen to the video since it turns out so differently from the way I think it will.

I got out my old graduation video from Matsumoto and I can’t decide which other things to put on the DVD I send in to the SAA. Contrasting styles… Bach A Minor first movement and either Canzonetta (Tchaik) or Schubert Duo first movement. I would rather do Tchaik and Duo together but it needs to be contrasting and my third movement of Bach isn’t so good. So Bach 1st movement it is. Or I could play unaccompanied Bach in real time. That’s a possibility too. It depends on how they feel about low elbows. My elbow was much lower in Japan. But when you watch Yuriko Watanabe hers is much higher – not higher than the bow, just not scraping her ribcage. Like mine was. If they send it back, I’ll have to play Unaccompanied Bach for them.

I think I have the two 10 minutes sections of concurrent lessons pretty much finished. I remembered to mention listening in the second one. (yay! I always mention it at the end of every lesson but I changed and mentioned it in the beginning so it would fit with the 10 minutes I am allowed). The student in the video is in book 2 student studying Lully Gavotte. I even put a title on it. I’m getting better at all of this video equipment.

I just found out I will be making 9 disks. There will be 9 judges. (!) I make a student performance disk, a teacher performance disk and a teaching disk. And I copy each one thrice. (‘Thrice’ what a great word.) So nine total.

I just need to remember that I have a whole year to do this… And I should go work on the philosophy paper.


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