I just finished teaching 5 students today. That’s about my max in one day – especially if they are long lessons. I certainly don’t feel like practicing at the moment… maybe later.

The last student, very small very cute, made up a darling little song. Here is a wave file of the beginning part. She will teach all of it to me and then I will teach it to the group at group class but she wants to be anonymous. So I’ll just tell the group it is a cute song that I would like for them to learn. Maybe we can make up a piano part for the accompanist!

OH – and here is great news! The last two students always have trouble with the bowings. They are both in Book 2. So we used the new handi cam to video their lessons – one two sided rw disk with 30 minutes each side. The mother will bring it back to me next week and we’ll record over it. If they actually study with it I will be so happy. I am hoping it will solve the bowing problem. So this new camera is becoming handi in more ways than one. (oh ho ho I didn’t mean it like that but there it is).

I am still editing the other videos. I tried to post part of a lesson on Google but only the first 45 seconds showed up. Tuning, bow and half of Tonalization. I don’t know why…I’ll post it here. Joolz maybe you can tell me what is wrong with my tonalization- I’m certain my elbow isn’t low enough! It looks obvious in the video to me. What do you think?



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  1. Try youtube.com or http://www.dropshots.com/nssdt . I think either sites can take larger files. Good thing about dropshots is that it won’t quite be “public” even if you don’t put it to “private” mode.

    Quite sad to see only 43 seconds of that video here.

  2. I’ll try them! Thanks!

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