15 minutes advanced lesson



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2 responses to “15 minutes advanced lesson

  1. sharon kline

    Hi Suzanne,

    I liked your teaching video! Would love to watch a whole lot more of them on lots of different levels, especially Twinkle!

    I liked how you worked on the harmonic with her until she got the ring. Also, the “harmonic highway” I haven’t heard that before.

    Is there any way you could put the camera at the other end of the room so we could see your faces?
    I think it would help with the sound too.

    Excellent teaching video.
    Thanks for sharing!
    love sharon

  2. Hi Sharon, Thanks for the comment!!!
    I have a Twinkle lesson I just need to edit it and get it ready for upload. I’ll do that.
    I can’t remember where I first heard about the Harmonic Highway. . .
    The camera is in a different place for the Twinkle lesson. I can’t quite tell where you think it would be best…

    I help teach an ECC class with Mom on Saturday -it’s exciting!
    See ya