16 minutes Twinkle Lesson



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4 responses to “16 minutes Twinkle Lesson

  1. sharon kline

    Hi Suzanne!
    Great lesson! Thanks for sharing! At first it kept stopping every few seconds but I finally got it to go without stopping. It might be our computer. Anyway, I liked how organized you were. You knew exactly where you were going next and didn’t spend too much or too little time on any one thing. I was pleased to see that we do a lot of the same things (probably because you have been my mentor over the years.) I liked how you had Sarenity pluck the string each time before she played. Good idea. Also, I liked how you did monkeys jumping on the bed. I hadn’t developed that exercise, I sort of stopped with it when I have the put the fingers down and hold. So I liked what you did and also singing it on the pitch. Please tell me what the Japanese greeting is and what the words mean. Also, are all your students this focused:)?
    love sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks! 🙂 Sarenity has wonderful focus!! And yes, many of my other students focus pretty well. But then again some of them don’t. I have a Minuet in G Book 2 Boy who walks around the room while he plays.

    Today I helped my Mother teach the ECC class for the first time. It was really fun and exciting to tell stories about Suzuki Sensei.

    Meanwhile, I have had a hard disk crash on my computer so I am borrowing a notebook from my Mom to write this. I won’t be posting any videos for awhile. 😦 We have a new tower being delivered Monday. But it won’t have my data.

    It was so fun to talk to you again on the phone. Let’s keep talking 🙂

  3. To sharon kline above. The video stops every few seconds because it has yet to be fully loaded. Once video starts to play, you should just click on the “Pause” button instead and wait for it to be fully loaded before you click “PLAY” once again. That way, you can view the video with no interuptions.


  4. Aine O' Brien

    It was great to see your video clip. I went through the suzuki method and i’m currently doing the suzuki teacher training course in Ireland. Your lesson is so perfectly by the book!! I love your manner, it shows you love your job also. Thanks to both you and Serenity for posting it.