Good Tone Twinkler

I have a new Twinkler who has very beautiful Tone… and here is her secret…
Each time before she begins, she does a complete round of:
“Tick Tock Land and Stop” *
“Teeter Totter to A”**
“Wait Wait Ready Go” ***
And then she starts!

*From Cathy Lee in San Francisco
** My own invention- natural balance string change
*** Ed Sprunger’s idea

It all really works!



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4 responses to “Good Tone Twinkler

  1. What type of exercise are these?
    “Tick Tock Land and Stop” *
    “Teeter Totter to A”**
    “Wait Wait Ready Go” ***
    My elder boy did the Suzuki method for a year, but I don’t think I’ve heard about these? But then again, he was already 8 when he started and could read notes shortly, maybe the teacher skipped some bits.

  2. “Tick tock land and stop” tilts the bow unto the thumb for stronger tone. Land and stop is bow control. Stop on E string…. Can you keep your bow on the string without making a sound?

    Then “teeter totter to A” uses natural balance to allow the tip to fall to the A string… Ed Sprunger says “Follow the thumb to A string”

    “Wait Wait ready go” gives enough time before playing a rhythm of taka or any Twinkle rhythm to keep everything relaxed rather than diving in all at once and becoming tense.

    Does this make sense?

  3. Michelle from Australia

    Hi, you have some great teaching ideas. I am particularly interested in a copy of your ‘study sheet’ – book 4?
    Hope you can help.