One laptop per child

The concept of the $100 computer (laptop) been around since Douglas Coupland and Ray Kurzweil. That fiction is of course now a reality.

Nicholas Negroponte founder of the One laptop per child in classrooms has now accused Intel of selling its own discount laptop below cost to drive him out of markets.

Speaking to the BBC News website earlier this year Professor Negroponte said: “The concept has received a lot of criticism and yet after that criticism they are either copying it or doing things perfectly in line with the concept.

There is a lot of controversy about the whole 1:1 laptops for students. Steven D. Krause asserts that “Schools simply haven’t provided the necessary training or motivation for teachers to make good use of the technology.”

Paul Ruchira at the accidental blogger has an exhaustive article about the whole issue.

And at the OLPC News site you can watch last night’s 60 Minutes broadcast entitled One Laptop per Child which I missed due to attending the WIAOC 2007 Conference online. (awesome!)

I believe with more training for teachers on ways to utilize the laptops with the students they will increase learning by leaps and bounds! I know using the computer helps my students! What do you think?


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