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Practice and study

I have been practicing everyday very hard towards the dvd I must make for Candidacy for SAA Teacher Trainer Status. I know that there are many teacher trainers who have something against me for some reason, (Japanese training?) but I must try despite the odds. It is supposed to be a fair process – the judges supposedly will not know who I am. Not everyone was able to study with Dr. Suzuki and I have now 4 older students who want to become teachers. I need to pass on his ideas. I would like to train them officially. One of my students just graduated from CIM with two Master’s Degrees – one in violin performance and one in Suzuki Pedagogy.

I am taking Mozart Book 9, 10 and G Major from Cathy Lee at the local Institute to help me find out what the Americans want to hear when we play Mozart for the DVD… And I found another fantastic way to practice! Once I’m warmed up, I play along with the 19 year old who won 5th place in the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2007 – Hyun-Su Shin. I love her playing!!!

There is now an entire blog dedicated to the best classical music on You Tube – Isn’t that wonderful?
Anyway – after about and hour and a half of practice – I go to You Tube and put Hyun-Su Shin on full screen and crank up the volume and play along with her! It is so FUN! And so EXCITING!! Sometimes I even follow her fingerings sort of spontaneously – it feels a bit the way group class did in Japan when we played Tchaikovsky all together in a group…

I can say that I am now studying with Hyun-Su Shin. In Japan, when we were each learning various pieces, we would ask each other, “Who is your teacher?” (It meant “which recording are you absorbing?”) “Oh I am studying with Ginette Neveu …” (One of Suzuki Sensei’s favorites – she actually WON the Wieniawski Violin Competition in 1935 1st place over David Oistrakh! Do you know about her?) I studied Sibelius with her. Anyway … I feel that Suzuki Sensei heartily approves of this new method of study with the videos!!

PS Why am I not studying Mozart with Zino Francescatti? Because … he is so romantic that I am afraid the judges here will not like it if I pick up too much of his style… 😦 Anyway I love Hyun-Su Shin, so all is well. 🙂


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Wonderful Video of Violin Book 10 with Cadenza by Zino Francescatti

I just found this last night!!! In Dr. Suzuki’s Great Violinists Vol. 7 – there is a recording of Dr. Suzuki performing Frank Sonata (Real Audio – just a small clip) –

Anyway – Zino Francescatti was in Paris when Dr. Suzuki was in germany and he probably heard him… Has anyone seen places where Dr. Suzuki mentioned Zino Francescatti….

The You Tube VIdeo of Book Ten is

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