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Book 1 Practice Video Suzuki with CD (Matsumoto Tempo)

I am so amazed and honored!  SAA Published my article “Panda” in the Suzuki Journal!  Quite exciting!!!  Also a bit embarrassing as they published the old unedited version which is much longer that the one that appears here… (see Spring 2008 ASJ)  If anyone out there has corrections for my section involving anatomy and physiology of hands and arms, please enlighten me!!!  I was studying and learning about “why” Dr. Suzuki’s idea’s about tone production work so well and trying to explain it in the best way possible at the time…

On another side note, I have managed to reconnect with some of my MOST FAVORITE people from Japan (fellow classmates from the 1980’s) on facebook!  It is also a wonderful way to see what former students are doing at university etc.  and keep in touch with them. Also other symphony members just goofing off online and having fun!   I don’t mean to endorse a specific social networking program, however… so far this one has been great.

Practice Video with Japanese CD for Book 1 and a Bit of Book 2:

Thank so much!!


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