New Idea~!

Sit calmly in a comfortable chair….

Along with your students and parents ….

Be very still and quiet  and together gently listen to the wonderful tone of Fritz Kreisler on a DVD.   VERY good speakers are preferable (although whatever kinds of speakers are available will work- iPods won’t work for this unless they have speakers or a docking bay).

I would call this Group Training for Listening…

Suzuki Sensei taught this to me one evening when I kept practicing certain spots of my Graduation piecin his studio.  I played his albums carefully, certain spots over and over, in HIS STUDIO after hours, thinking that I was sneaking around behind his back (lol- well it wasn’t locked) I thought I needed to practice with the record…

He knew I needed something else.

He shuffled into the studio quietly and said calmly, “That isn’t the proper way.  Here, let me show you how this is done.”

He started the record player, very slowly at the beginning and indicated that I should sit down somewhere ….. he sat down in his extremely comfy, plush chair and we…..  listened together.  It seemed like a very long time, but it probably was less that 5 to 10 minutes.

I remember that it was dark, warm, relaxed and comfortable.  We did not talk.

I suggest starting with Liebesleid or Liebesfreud. Always Fritz Kreisler (famous for the “Kreisler Highway”?) Despite Fritz Kreisler’s slight intonation weirdness due to the oldness of the recordings, he has the best Tone and the best Heart.  Besides yours.) Write to me or comment below for the names of his other favorite artists…

There is also a book about his life that you could read…

Thank you.  🙂

PS  I’m toying with the idea of doing my Teacher Trainer application entirely online.  It’s less daunting…. for me 🙂  What do you think?


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