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363 word report on Studies with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Dr. Suzuki loved chocolate.  When he opened my first gift to him, he looked up at me with the saddest eyes and asked, “Not chocolate?”

Every day after a 2 ½ hour morning group class, Dr. Suzuki would ask a few students to find the “most delicious cookies” for Cookie Time because he knew that that was what we enjoyed!    ( )

And he often mentioned this word; “service.”

Dr. Suzuki was quintessentially kind.  His method of kindness was much deeper than his consistent smiles or greetings.   His kindness stemmed from sensitive observation and thorough understanding of a person’s true, specific, long term needs and desires. He was selfless, ingenious and magical.

Dr. Suzuki gave to us in unusual, wise and unexpected ways.  His methods involved projects engaging several people.  These projects, seen as spontaneous were actually the result of weeks, months, years, and even decades of delicate, persistent planning and hard work.

His kindness to all of us encompassed everything!  You name it; he helped us with it, from taking us out to steak dinner to privately curing a student’s deepest wounds.

The only thing I know that engenders this form of true kindness is an absolute pure spirit of love.

Suzuki Sensei‘s greatest genius of love lay in his ability to put into “Perpetual Motion” a long sequence of seemingly unrelated events occupying several people (knowingly or not).    The results of these sequences would eventually create a deep, personal service causing a fantastic change for many different and specific people around the globe.

Are we not also the extension of Dr. Suzuki’s most passionate and cherished Perpetual Movement?   We are all here as a result of Suzuki Sensei’s profound connection with one person at a time.  As a community of parents and teachers and students, at the core of this very moment,  we are
continuing his legacy of kind and selfless love.

I believe with all my heart that today we are fulfilling Dr. Suzuki’s most cherished and fervent wish.

How clever and magical will we be?  How far will we extend his true spirit of service?  To what lengths will we shine?

The brightest eyes,

The widest smile,

The biggest Tone

Dr. Suzuki

Dr Suzuki during Group Class talking about tone 006


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Rostropovich Dies

Mstislav Rostropovich, 80, Dissident Maestro, Dies

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Suzuki Graduation Concert January 18, 2007

Our Graduation Concert was a huge success last night! I’m all warm and excited by how well it went.

This is a shikishi painted by Dr. Suzuki that we had presented to the students on their graduation Certificate. It means, “When Love is Deep , Much Can be Accomplished”.

We had 35 Teachers

135 Twinkles

97 Gossec Gavotte

85 Boccherini Minuet

106 Bach Bouree

53 Vivaldi a minor

43 Vivaldi g minor

40 LaFolia

24 Bach a minor

18 Veracini

12 Mozart

Grand Total 613

It was wonderful!

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GENUINE is talking about winning the 350 million dollar lottery. He asked about 5 things people would do with the money (after donating to charities etc.).

Here was my answer:

5 things to do with 350 million dollars

  1. Pay off our house, my parent’s house, my in-laws’ houses and buy my sister a house in Paris (where she lives) and set them all up for life.
  2. Buy a house out in the middle of the Uinita Mountains with lots of gorgeous land for us (my husband would be soooo happy!)
  3. Get a plane and learn to fly it so I could commute to the city to teach Suzuki violin lessons (Or just pay others to fly it – but it would be fun to fly it myself too).
  4. Help develop my sister’s website project la passerelle. And buy art from her site…
  5. Buy a Stradivarius Violin and play chamber music with my friends (buy them their choice of instruments too)…Buy chamber music scores.

So what would you do? 5 things you would do with 350 million dollars assuming you have already donated a lot of the money to your favorite charities and you’ve invested well so it won’t go away…


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Blogging blogging everywhere and not a thought to link.

I’ve redone the layout of another site of mine but daresn’t link yet until I get the OK from the site I “borrowed” the design from… It isn’t an elaborate design, but she might have qualms. I’ve written her email.  And I did change it quite a bit.

My students come in 30 minutes. I’m prepared.

Mr. Bear has gone fishing and will be back a bit before my show starts.

I’ve added an entry to the Art Bridge.

I’m not feeling very in tune today.


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5 things meme

 From Yoko

 My set of fives…

5 minutes ago: I was talking on the phone to a student’s father about our various group classes and activities for the month (Halloween Play In and Harry Potter Super Activity).

5 hours ago: I was sleeping and dreaming.

5 days ago: I was teaching the two girls down the street who practice every day!

5 months ago: I was creating the daily newsletter for the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute & I wrote this page and Yoko introduced herself to me!

5 years ago: I had just attended Art Week at Roger Fuller’s ranch in Springdale with Anna. My Grandmother had had a stroke while I was gone and she was in a coma. I rushed back. Then my Grandfather had a stroke. Eventually she and my Grandfather both passed away within four hours of each other. They had been married for 69 years. I documented the whole thing in a little book that is sitting here on my lap. It is far to personal for me to put here.

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