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About online journaling



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Referers is back!

The referers link is back on the dashboard!



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Blogging blogging everywhere and not a thought to link.

I’ve redone the layout of another site of mine but daresn’t link yet until I get the OK from the site I “borrowed” the design from… It isn’t an elaborate design, but she might have qualms. I’ve written her email.  And I did change it quite a bit.

My students come in 30 minutes. I’m prepared.

Mr. Bear has gone fishing and will be back a bit before my show starts.

I’ve added an entry to the Art Bridge.

I’m not feeling very in tune today.


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blog cognomen

It has been brought to my attention that “Suzanne’s Blog” is a pretty unimaginative moniker. And it’s true, it is.

I am overwhelmed by the whole blog naming process. I used to blog in the 90’s with the name Open Pages, then I renamed it Suzyumi (a conglomeration of my name with the word for “bow” in Japanese, but people always pronounced “Suzyummy” which was not what I intended.) On livejournal I’m Mrs. Bear (hello, I’m married and this is my husband’s nickname). I simply ran out of ideas by the time I got to wordpress.

And there are so many great names for blogs out there…

First there is the odd and random type of name:

Then there are those who shout their Blog’s name:

The last one listed also borders on the next category, which is the clever and intellectual name:

Then there are the cutsie names:

There are goth blogs with names that can’t be typed (not on my keyboard anyway)

And there are Depressing blog titles:

OK. That’s it.

I need a name. Everyone’s got one.

This is my next assignment. To come up with a name for this blog. Stay tuned.

HEY! Holy cow! That’s it!

Like tuning a violin…. tuning the student’s violins… Stay tuned to the universe.

Stay tuned.

Cool. I’ll give it a try.

So… now I just need to name my other blog



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5 things meme

 From Yoko

 My set of fives…

5 minutes ago: I was talking on the phone to a student’s father about our various group classes and activities for the month (Halloween Play In and Harry Potter Super Activity).

5 hours ago: I was sleeping and dreaming.

5 days ago: I was teaching the two girls down the street who practice every day!

5 months ago: I was creating the daily newsletter for the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute & I wrote this page and Yoko introduced herself to me!

5 years ago: I had just attended Art Week at Roger Fuller’s ranch in Springdale with Anna. My Grandmother had had a stroke while I was gone and she was in a coma. I rushed back. Then my Grandfather had a stroke. Eventually she and my Grandfather both passed away within four hours of each other. They had been married for 69 years. I documented the whole thing in a little book that is sitting here on my lap. It is far to personal for me to put here.

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Do my students read this blog?

Well, I had one clue today. A father of one of my students asked me if I ever read blogs. And he asked me if I read any good ones. He carefully wrote down the addresses to hoarded ordinaries and urban semiotic. (HI DAVID!! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TALK TO ME IN CAPS? :mrgreen:) So, I have been carefully printing on all of my student’s violin study sheets (discreetly at the bottom). And I just wonder, do they visit? And it has changed the way I approach posting on this blog. I tend to treat it more seriously.

So on a lighter note, here is the LucyCam! Yes, now you too can enjoy the blessings of Lucy’s presence without leaving the comfort of your own computer. I look over and there she is. Click on the link, and you can look over and see her too! I need to have a comment section on that page… (I wonder how on earth to do that!) Hmmm…. Can you just comment here?

Lucy does leave the room while I teach. She doesn’t enjoy the overtones of the violin and double-stops drive her crazy. The piano doesn’t bother her, but she leaves the room while I teach. My students think it’s funny. Sometimes she complains about the overtones too and they laugh.

Hi students! (waving) Did you listen to your CD today?? (The ever-bugging teacher)

OH hey – something funny happened during a lesson today. One of my students superglued his shoulder rest together, so when I tried to put it on his violin, it fell apart and I got superglue all over my hands! I felt like the butt of a really funny practical joke (and although I was reassured that that was not the case, I still have my doubts). So I had to clean off the superglue with fingernail polish remover and a good 5 minutes of lesson time were *blam* obliterated. I wonder what clever time wasting scheme will be cooked up for next week…

OK jokesters. Back at it.


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on pedagogy

It’s 11:18 pm in my neck of the woods and my honey isn’t home yet. So I am researching blogs. Two blogs in particular:

Urban Semiotic


Hoarded Ordinaries

And I am seeing something extraoridnary that is happening in the blogoshpere, something that is dear to my heart.


I am a violin instructor of The Suzuki Method. I studied The Suzuki Method from age five and began to study pedagogy formally at age seventeen. I studied with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Matsumoto, Japan at the Talent Education Research Institute in my early twenties. I began teaching informally at age fourteen. I have taught my entire life.

I currently teach about 20 young people per week from age four to their early twenties. I have known some of these students for almost twenty years. Each week they come and we get out our instruments and we continue our study of music and tone and our relationships grow deeper.

Now, when I went to college, there was only one computer lab on campus. Today, University life is obviously much different. I was aware that students could read PDF’s of their reading materials on line, and find their grades and such, but what I didn’t understand until just now was the amazing relationships that are being forged between students and teachers via the internet.

The bond that I have only known through physically working with each one of these students one on one, week after week over the years is occurring at an accelerated pace for teachers online because they are available and open to their students via their blogs. With playful comments and writing contests, these amazing teachers are using the internet to create a learning community.

Suzuki Method needs this.


I had never considered this, not once.

Do my students read my blog?

If you are one of my students, will you leave a comment to let me know?


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