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Practicing again

Progress on the project – I finally practiced again.  Mr. Bear has gone to the shop and I always do better when he’s gone.  It’s back down to 91 beats per minute from 94 but I haven’t lost that much after 3 days.  I can work it up again.  The cadenza is coming nicely – I have a new better fingering for a descending run.

I also have Adobe Premiere pro now – the question is  can I figure out how to use it?  I worked on it a little this morning trying to redo the 3 minutes clip so that it is uninterrupted.  And I need to work on the paper.  The book for the bibliography is coming in the mail soon. What a process.
I’ve been listening to my CD a lot (since I always tell my students to do that) even when I wasn’t practicing and it is amazing all the little boo boo’s I hear after listening for so long.  I should focus on the beauty of the music and I do, but  it actually encourages me to hear Arthur Grumiaux make little mistakes.  God knows mine will have a ton of them.


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I’ve started working towards a long term goal here and I wanted to blog about it so that I can keep track of how long I will be working towards it.  The first part involves performing Mozart D Major No. 4 with Joachim Cadenza and Unaccompanied Bach Sonata Adagio from G minor and … something else… for a video camera.  Well.  Ah yes.  I have just played through the Mozart and the Bach and plan to do so every day for as long as it takes.  The cadenza is the weakest part at the moment and it needs to be memorized.  The third piece needs to be of contrasting style and so obviously it should be Romantic.  Brahms?  What…  a movement from a Sonata?  Any good help here?  Something not too challenging.  I’m in this for the long haul and it needs to be good.  I’m temped to pick something from the Suzuki Repertoire – it says:

The applicant must perform and complete the required piece or movement as indicated below (Mozart Concerto No. 4 or No. 5 1st movement Joachim Cadenzas) plus two additional pieces or excerpts of pieces from the standard repertoire, at least one of which is outside the Suzuki repertoire.   Selections should represent two different musical periods (other than the period of the required piece).

I think I’ll write to my friend Sharon about it.  She’ll have some good ideas.  I am excited about this quest!!


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GENUINE is talking about winning the 350 million dollar lottery. He asked about 5 things people would do with the money (after donating to charities etc.).

Here was my answer:

5 things to do with 350 million dollars

  1. Pay off our house, my parent’s house, my in-laws’ houses and buy my sister a house in Paris (where she lives) and set them all up for life.
  2. Buy a house out in the middle of the Uinita Mountains with lots of gorgeous land for us (my husband would be soooo happy!)
  3. Get a plane and learn to fly it so I could commute to the city to teach Suzuki violin lessons (Or just pay others to fly it – but it would be fun to fly it myself too).
  4. Help develop my sister’s website project la passerelle. And buy art from her site…
  5. Buy a Stradivarius Violin and play chamber music with my friends (buy them their choice of instruments too)…Buy chamber music scores.

So what would you do? 5 things you would do with 350 million dollars assuming you have already donated a lot of the money to your favorite charities and you’ve invested well so it won’t go away…


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5 things meme

 From Yoko

 My set of fives…

5 minutes ago: I was talking on the phone to a student’s father about our various group classes and activities for the month (Halloween Play In and Harry Potter Super Activity).

5 hours ago: I was sleeping and dreaming.

5 days ago: I was teaching the two girls down the street who practice every day!

5 months ago: I was creating the daily newsletter for the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute & I wrote this page and Yoko introduced herself to me!

5 years ago: I had just attended Art Week at Roger Fuller’s ranch in Springdale with Anna. My Grandmother had had a stroke while I was gone and she was in a coma. I rushed back. Then my Grandfather had a stroke. Eventually she and my Grandfather both passed away within four hours of each other. They had been married for 69 years. I documented the whole thing in a little book that is sitting here on my lap. It is far to personal for me to put here.

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swan When you want to send a card to someone for a birthday or an anniversary, try Jacquie Lawson’s cards. Maybe you’ve already seen them, they are very cute and fun and worth the time to download. It’s a reasonable price for a one year subscription, and you can send as many as you want for the entire year. She has a great selection and plenty of new ones.

Mom has our tickets to see Harry Potter at the I-Max on November 17th at 7:00pm. I wonder if she’ll dress up… Last time we went on opening night it was really amazing, the theatre was packed! It should be incredible in the I-Max.


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Last night, when I picked Mr. Bear up from work, he told me that he had felt sick all day long. I told him he should stay home on Sunday to get well and he said, “No, I’m going fishing at 6:00 in the morning.”

So he’s gone fishin’. Such is the life of the serious fisherman. Picnic

Our picnic up in the canyon went well yesterday. It rained just a little, but that made it all the better to stay by the warm fire. My new family has a very different approach to eating together than my original family. I’m used to a more formal picnic where everyone sits down at the table at the same time and eats together. Then when it’s time for dessert, everyone is served at the same time. My new family is far more casual. It’s catch as catch can. “Here are the hotdogs, here is the potato salad, here are the marshmallows, here’s the peach cobbler. Go to it.” People eat standing up. People eat at different times in different orders. Juju caught a fish while I was eating. It’s fun that way. More interesting. People just do as they please. That’s sort of the theme song of my new family. I like it.

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Fall Colors

Walking home from getting the truck fixed today, I found this tree all decked out in fall colors! We have a family get-together up the canyon this weekend and I’m hoping to see more colors like this at the higher altitude. I heard the colors have already peaked at the tops of the mountains. It’s really starting to feel very autumnish here in the valley and I like it.

I also took pictures of our friendly neighborhood Schmidt’s Bakery.

bakeryI really love this place. Now that I’m on a diet, I don’t go there any more, but it still appeals to me. It’s such a small town type of place. The nice lady there said, “May I help you?” as soon as I walked in. I said, “I would just like to take some pictures…” She just laughed and let me go to it. Aren’t you proud of me for not ordering one of those Cute Halloween Cookies or a Napoleon pastry to go? Yeah yeah, I’ve tasted them before. I don’t need to taste them again. They hold no power over me. I left unscathed and I am happily still on my diecookiest 😛 (wearing a pair of one size smaller jeans today thanks)

Other than that I’m having fun with the “I Love Lucy Cam”  (She is snoring in her chair right now) and listening to Fiona Apple singing Extraordinary Machine

“But I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time…”


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