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International Suzuki Conference

At the International Suzuki Conference in Torino, Miss Mori taught us how to increase tone volume by playing with an upside down bow. She teaches all of Book One with upside down bow. I have been doing it for a week now and my tone is much bigger! The students are fine playing that way (well, I do have one cantankerous teenager who doesn’t like it, but the young ones are fine). It really improves their sound! They just keep playing no matter what. It really does help teach them to play with a much bigger and richer tone. So I have decided to do all Book One songs upside down bow. We did it at group class and it was great! It is Miss Yuko Mori’s new idea and I’m happy to follow her advice. She was Dr. Suzuki’s assitant and she is very wise.

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Some of my students arrive for lessons in an accelerando. They pull up in front of the house and run into lessons, whip out their violins and they are chomping at the bit for me to hurry up and tune them because they are eager to play! Others arrive precisely on time and dally towards the door and carefully and slowly rosin their bows before they finally hand me their violin to tune. My experience is that the enthusiastic students end up playing for life.

I miss studying tone. I hope there is someone in Italy who will be teaching Dr. Suzuki’s deep tone so that I can study again. I study on my own and my students work on tone at every lesson, but I feel that my tone is slipping. The Master Class Violin teacher in Italy is Pavel Vernikov who studied with David Oistrach (one of Suzuki Sensei’s favorites) so it should be marvelous. He currently teaches at Vienna University.

However, I won’t be bringing my violin. It’s too much to carry it all around Italy when we go touring after the Conference. Plus my experience has been that the teachers aren’t really allowed to play (sad but true). So anything I pick up about tone I will have to internalize for when I get home.

I hope some of the Japanese teachers will be there as well because I would like to observe them. Maybe I need to plan another trip to Japan for study and observation…


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I’ve just found out where we are staying for the Conference in Turin…

Holy shlamoly….

Room service… ahhhhh….



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So, Mom and I have made a decision about where we will stay in Rome next April (because I mentioned maybe we should book our rooms soon…) I had made this site a while back for her to peruse (beware of the music) …

So we have been sending emails back and forth about getting our act together about this trip. It’s in 6 months!

So for our first stop in Rome, we have decided to stay at a place called Hotel Lancelot. It is rated #31 of 927 hotels in Rome on trip advisor and on it has a five star rating (although it’s a three star hotel) with 82 reviews. It’s listed in Rick Steves. They speak English, it has a lift, and the rooms have nice terraces. It is located quite near the Colosseum. They have a car to come pick us up at the airport which is good because the airport is apparently a very confusing place and pickpockets abound.

The plan is that we go to the hotel, drop off our bags, and then go sightseeing. Then have dinner at the hotel, then the next morning, put our bags in storage at the hotel and sight see some more, then have a taxi go to get our bags and take us to the train station to get on a train to go to Turin for the Suzuki World Convention. We arrive the night of the 11th, classes begin on the 12th. We’re staying in a very nice hotel in Turin. Then we go to Milan on Sunday to meet up with my Dad and Sister to do the rest of our whirlwind tour. We don’t have that part all figured out yet, but we’ll just do it one reservation at a time.


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